How can I rate the players?

We have 3 different rating modules. First, you can use Rate Now to rate in one dimension. Second, you can use Rate in Detail to rate the player’s technical, tactical, physical, mental, and potential. Third, you can create a scout report that contains more than 25 attributes of a player.

What is the difference between Rate Now and Rate in Detail?

With the Rate Now button you can rate the player out of 10. With Rate in detail you can rate the player’s 5 abilities (technical, tactical, physical, mental, and potential) and your overall rating will be the average of these five.

How is average rating calculated?

We take every user’s Rate Now, Rate in Detail, and Scout Report ratings and multiply them with some coefficients as well as with that team’s coefficient. At the end, we divide the total rating with the total number of votes

Can anyone create scout reports?

Yes, anyone can create a scout report. We will be removing all scout reports that we believe to be manipulative.

Can I see other people’s scout reports?

Yes, you can see every user’s scout reports from their profiles.

Why if I can’t find some players?

First, try using the full name of the player. Although we have more than 110.000 players in our database, some players are still missing. But don’t worry, we are expanding our database day-by-day.

Can other users see my rates?

Yes, other users can see your rates from your profile or from the players’ page. You can even share your rates.

Can I share my scout reports?

Yes, you can. After you complete your scout report, click the completed report and you will see Facebook’s and Twitter’s share buttons up top.

I want to work with you, what should I do?

Please fill-out a contact us form and we will contact you within 48 hours.